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    Hudson Valley Rail Trail
    Wallkill Valley Rail Trail
    Walkway Over The Hudson

    Connecting the Hudson Valley

    Duster Domains

    For Questions or Recommendations Regarding the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, contact the Hudson Valley Rail Trail Association, Inc. CLICK HERE

    For Questions or Recommendations about this website, contact us by CLICKING HERE

    NOTE: According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the Walkway over the Hudson had an attendance of 547,722 in 2016.

    Hudson Valley Rail Trail

    This website the "Hudson Valley Rail Trail" is another site connecting the rail trails online. Not only communities in the eastern part of Ulster County but also across the Walkway from Highland into Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County. There are maps for trail locations that are connected and some that are not. We will updaate these trail connections as they become available.

    We connect:

    • Towns, villages and businesses throughout Ulster County
    • The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail and the surrounding area's businesses
    • The Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the surrounding area's businesses
    • The Walkway Over The Hudson and the surrounding area's businesses on both ends of the Walkway (Ulster and Dutchess Counties)

    How to use this website

    To use our website, along the top menu links you will see:

    These links show maps around the county for Rail Trails in Ulster County including the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and Wallkill Valley Rail Trail in Ulster County. Click on any link to access the corresponding map. On these maps are blue outlined squares that when clicked on bring up businesses for these areas. Browse our site and visit our advertisers and let them know you saw them on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail Website.

    Business Website Directories

    Browse our Business Website Directory in the left column. There are business listings from New York City north to the Canadian border. Websites are listed in two ways: alphabetically or by category. Thousands of websites are listed.

    Above on the right are live Links to other Rail Trails, Walkways, Bike Paths, etc., in the eastern part of New York State. If you know of any not found here, please submit them to us.

    This site was launched June 1, 2014.